” A Parish Far From Home” new publication

My name is Philip O’Connor and I am PRO of the European County Board, as well as chairman of the Stockholm Gaels.

Since we sowed the seeds of our club in 2009 and I joined the ECB last year, I have worked long and hard to promote Gaelic games at home and abroad.  Gaelic games have exploded in Scandinavia and we hope to continue this growth, as well as providing a first point of contact for Irish people moving abroad due to the economic situation back home.  I

n September, Gill and MacMillan published a book written by me called “A Parish Far From Home”, and I would really appreciate your help in spreading the word.  With a foreword by Micheál Ó’Muircheartaigh, the book is a detailed account of how we started our club and the problems we encountered along the way.  As I have said many times since, I may have written the book but it is our story, and indeed the story of all those lovers of our games who has tried to bring them abroad.

The press release from Gill and MacMillan is included below- please feel free to include it in club or county newsletters.  I would also be more than happy to talk to any media outlet or club anywhere in the world about our games abroad, and if you have any contacts in the Irish media abroad I would very much like to get in touch with them.

There is also a poster that can be used to spread the word- it would be great if clubs could put it up in their bars or at their training grounds and games. In the book I describe the GAA as the original social network, but of course there is also a Facebook page: Should any club need a signed copy for their Christmas raffle or similar, please feel free to contact me directly. With thousands of players moving to the four corners of the world, I feel it’s important to let people – at home and abroad –  know that they do not have to leave the games behind them. 

Gaelic games have a very bright future all over the world, and I would very much appreciate your support as I try to do my part.