Nickey Rackard statue set to be unveiled over St Patrick’s weekend…

In exciting news, the life sized landmark statue of Wexford legend and icon, Nickey Rackard is set to be unveiled in Wexford’s Selskar Square in March. This will form part of the ‘Set the Heather Blazing’ celebrations, taking place over St Patrick’s weekend centred around the hurling and football doubleheaders on the 18th in Wexford Park.

Statute of Nickey Rackard under construction by artist Mark Richards

Bursting onto the scene in the 1950’s, Rackard was a hero to people, not just in Wexford but across Ireland lighting up what was, like today, an otherwise dark time in Irish life.  The team are also credited with having revolutionised the game of hurling and in doing so lifting Wexford to the game’s top table. This statue, placed in the heart of Wexford, is a fitting tribute to them all.

Erected by Wexford Borough Council, the statue brings to life the essence of the man and how he played with a swagger, confidence and determination, capturing the imagination of the country in the process . Rackards’s ambition, belief and drive continue to this day to be an inspiration to Wexford people whether in Sport or Business, reminding us that we can and should aim for the top, proof that one man or woman can make a difference and change a county.

The unveiling is scheduled for Monday 19th of March, details to follow. For more on the development of the statue click here.