Can supporters really have an impact?

What role do supporters have?

The Kilkenny legend, DJ Carey spoke before about how the roar of the Wexford support and the shake of the stand as Wexford put over another point would make the hair stand on the back of his neck. Pyscologists have described how fans in the stand and players on the pitch can become conneted in a feedback loop, each reinforcing the others mood, negatively and positively. Furthermore Scientists have investigated the effect of the so called ‘home advantage’ on a team and have shown that it can lead to an average performance boost of 25%. It seems that it is in fact a very real advantage.

The conculsion is that we as supporters, are not just passive observers but in fact can, and do have, an impact as to what happens on the pitch. We can help our team over the line, we can really become the 16th man!

So now is the time to get behind our teams, to bring the roar that Peter Canavan of Tyrone described, following his sides visit to Wexford Park, as ‘Tribal’ back to Wexford Park. Let’s make the stand shake and the sound of our roar ring in the players ears as they emerge from the tunnel.

We can be the difference, your county is calling will play your part?

Loch Garman abú!