Leinster M.F.C. 2012 – Draw for Losers Rounds I and II

Leinster M.F.C. 2012  –  Draw for Losers Rounds I and II

A Chara,

The above mentioned draws were made at last night’s meeting of Leinster CCC and resulted as follows:-

1.        LOSER        Kildare / Wexford   v     LOSER     Carlow/ Dublin

2.        WINNER    1       v     LOSER     Louth /Westmeath

3.        LOSER       Kilkenny / Offaly       v     LOSER     Longford / Meath

4.        WINNER   3       v    LOSER      Wicklow / Laois


(a)       Games   1 and  3 are scheduled for 25.4.2012

(b)       Games   2 and  4 are scheduled for   2.5.2012

(c)       First named teams have home venue

(d)       Extra time must be played if sides finish level.