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Digital TV re-tune for South East

Notice from RTÉNL. Re-tune for SAORVIEW viewers of Clermont Carn & Mt. Leinster

Following a final upgrade to the network, SAORVIEW viewers of Clermont Carn & Mount Leinster transmitters will need to re-tune their SAORVIEW televisions or boxes before Wednesday 07th November to avoid loss of service. Instructions will be found in your TV or set-top box manual. If you are unsure whether your area is affected please check the online coverage map at or call the information helpline on 1890 222 012.
Advice on re-tuning your set top box or television can also be found here.  A guide to re scanning SAORVIEW Approved Equipment


Mount Leinster will change from channel 45 to channel 23. Serving areas in Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Laois, Offaly, South Wicklow, Tipperary, Waterford.