Wexford GAA 2012 accounts show €118k surplus…

Wexford GAA’s annual audited accounts are now available and while there is work to be done the picture is, we are glad to report, an improving one. The combined efforts of everyone involved including management, staff and supporters are starting to pay dividends.

The net operating surplus for 2012 is €118,000 up €140,000 on 2011 when a deficit of €21,000 was recorded . Income is up by €100,000 buoyed by an encouraging €64,000 increase gate  revenue, this includes  €18,000 from sale of the Wexford GAA Season Ticket. Overall expenses fell by €43,000 with expenditure on administration falling by a whooping €110,000. Team expenses rose by €30,000.
The situation is much improved and with many counties reporting significant operating losses there is reason to be pleased with progress. However if the turnaround is to be completed more change is required. Wexford GAA and the Supporters Club need the on-going support of clubs, members supporters and the business community. We need active and energetic volunteers to drive these efforts so if you feel you have a contribution to make get in touch.

  • Could you help with fundraising?
  • Do you have ideas for events?
  • Do you have a skill that could be put the benefit of our games?

If so why not contact the PRO to discuss? See below for accounts from Wexford GAA and the Supporters Club.
Wexford GAA Accounts:

Wexford GAA Supporters Club Accounts – combined