Calling for nominees for National Youth Forum!

The GAA will hold its National Youth Forum on Saturday March 2nd, beginning at 10:30 am in Croke Park. The purpose of this forum to to discuss various topics of importance with our youth members, and a report of the days discussions will be presented at the main congress later on that month. The day will be workshop based event with some guest speakers etc. Croke Park

Please note the following:

1: Each county is required to send 3 delegates – we are seeking nominations from clubs

2: Delegates must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 21

3: At least one delegate must be female

4: Delegates should be from three different clubs

5: One delegate should be from and urban club, one from a rural club, the third from either.

Please forward the name and email address of each nominee to Co Secretary, Margaret Doyle, by Friday February 8th. Selected delegates will be contacted by Kieran Leddy in Croke Park with the agenda and other information.

Please spread the word, this is a great opportunity for our youth to get their voice heard so it is important that we have representation at the forum.