Crunching numbers week for hurlers



Crunching numbers week for Wexford senior hurlers.



After the defeat to Dublin there is only a slim chance of us qualifying for the league final.

As we lost to both Offaly and Dublin they will qualify ahead of us if we end up on the same points total as either of them, where more than two teams end on the same points then scoring difference comes into play.

An unlikely run of results are required, including Carlow defeating Dublin by a sizable margin, Offaly defeating Antrim and Wexford beating Limerick.

If  this happened Dublin, Offaly and Wexford would all be on 6 points and then score difference would come into play.

Wexford are +2; Offaly -1 but Dublin have +16 putting them in the drivers seat. So the Wexford-Limerick and Carlow-Dublin results not only need to be Wexford and Carlow wins but need to be a combined +15 in Wexford’s favour!


Similarly relegation is a possibility but also requires a run of results to go badly against us.

Antrim would need to defeat Offaly and Wexford lose to Limerick. But this is where it gets tricky. Antrim are on -13 score difference.

Again 3 teams would now be on 4 points each, Wexford defeated Antrim but lost to Offaly who would (in this scenario) have lost to Antrim But……….

Offaly would need to not lose by too much or they could end up in relegation final where as Antrim need to over com that -13 score to avoid that fate.

Simply put Wexford, if we do lose, need to keep the score difference down and so ensure a freakish run of results would not put us into the relegation final.

Now, hope all that is clear, sort of ????