Hurlers beaten by rampant Dublin

Wexford Park was left stunned as the Wexford hurlers suffered a severe beating today at the hands of Anthony Daly’s Dublin, going down 3-19 (28) to 0-15.hurling1

The sides traded points in the opening minutes but when Dotsy O’Callaghan struck for Dublin’s opening goal, Wexford’s resistance seemed to crumble and at half time the game was for all intents and purposes over, as Wexford trailed 2-12 to 0-04. The only glimmer of hope was that Wexford would have the strong wind in the second half but such was the Dublin domination and the lead that realistically few in Wexford Park believed or expected a turn around.

Wexford battled gamely in the second half but it was not enough, Wexford hit 11 points to Dublin’s 10 in the second half but the goals which we needed never came as the Dublin rearguard stood firm. An Eoin Quigley goal shot and a Eanna Martin 20 meter free were both saved on the line.

This game has left the team and management battered and it will take real character to recover but with Limerick (away) next Sunday they must regroup and travel to Limerick in search or redemption and points.

WEXFORD: Niall Breen; Bobby Kenny, Andrew Shore, Eoin Doyle; Eanna Martin (0-02, 0-02f), Richie Kehoe, Ciaran Kenny; David Redmond (0-01), Harry Kehoe (0-01); PJ Nolan, Garrett Sinnott (0-01), Eoin Quigley (0-02); Paul Morris (0-03, 0-02f), Rory Jacob (0-02), Ciaran O’Shaughnessy.

Subs used: Gary Moore (0-03, 0-01 ’65’, 0-01f) for Nolan, Michael O’Regan for Morris, Willie Devereux for B Kenny, Stephen Murphy for Redmond.

DUBLIN: Gary Maguire; Peter Kelly, Paul Schutte, Ruairi Treanor; Michael Carton, Liam Rushe, Shane Durkin; Joey Boland (0-01), Simon Lambert (0-01); John McCaffrey, Kevin Byrne (0-02), Danny Sutcliffe (0-03); David Treacy (0-06, 0-04f, 0-01 ’65’), David O’Callaghan (1-03), Conor McCormack (1-03).

Subs used: Niall McMorrow for Byrne, Eamonn Dillon (1-00) for O’Callaghan, Sean McGrath for Sutcliffe, Ross O’Carroll for Treacy, Stephen Hiney for Carton.

Referee: Colm Lyons (Cork)