Raising the Purple & Gold – how you can help…

It’s true that success on the pitch can’t be bought but it does come at a price.

We all want to see Wexford back in the top flight and the recent victory of our U-21 hurlers and the good showing of minor hurlers and footballers show that progress is being made. Now however is the time to push on, and the Talent Academy (TAW) is to the fore of this, but preparing teams is a costly business.  TAW v Cork u16

Preparing teams involves costs for gear and equipment, food and transport. Gear and Equipment (sliotars and footballs, cones, bibs) are some of the main costs, for example to purchase 100 dozen sliotars would cost €6,000.00 approximately. To purchase 200 hurls would cost circa €4,000 while jerseys and training tops cost circa €35.

Of course it’s critically important that our players are exposed to competition at the highest levels and this involves them travelling away to Blitzs and Tournaments and hosting visiting teams (as happened last weekend when the u-16s hosted Cork). A typical away trip will cost €1,100 in costs in buses and food alone. In addition there are ongoing costs for water and energy bars and other items that teams require.

At the moment budgets allow for each of our hurling and football squads to travel away once but we need to see the increase if we are to expose the players to the sort of competition that will stretch and develop them and bring them up the level required.

So the typical annual costs are significant:

  • €10.000.00 for balls and hurls
  • €10,000.00 for tops
  • € 5,000.00 food for Wexford hosted blitzes

If we are to compete with the likes of Dublin, Tipperary, Waterford, Kilkenny and Cork then we need to support our young players, backing them financially. The mentors and coaches overseeing these squads are all volunteers and we need to ensure that they are focusing on developing players not worrying about penny pinching. We need to ensure that our players have the best equipment and can travel to the blitzes and tournaments around Ireland.

Development is not and will be cheap but as last Wednesday reminded the 7,000 people in attendance at Wexford Park, the rewards, the joy, the lift that success brings is priceless.

So when you buy Model County Draw tickets, when you join the supporters club or make another contribution you are actively helping Wexford get back to the top.

IF you are not already in the supporters club you can sign up online now online making a value contribution or if you’d like to become a sponsor we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Murt Flynn, chairman of the TAW if you’d like to help