‘Give it to Nick’ a moving tribute to Nickey Rackard…

Aidan Meyler was in touch with us, recently while clearing out his mother’s attic in Raheny, Dublin he came upon a diary of his Grandfather’s Poems and writings. His Grandfather’s name was William Meyler. His son, Aidan’s father’s name was Leo Meyler who died a couple of years ago.

Aidan found a great poem by his grandfather about Wexford and Nickey Rackard and the All Ireland Semi Final of 1956 and we’re delighted that Aidan has shared it with us. It’s a great part of history and shows what the ’56 team meant to people.

Rackard statue

Our thanks to Aidan and the Meyler Family for sharing.

“Give It To Nick” – All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final – 1956

I went to Croke Park,
The Semi Final to see
Which team shall meet
The boys from the Lee

The Galwegians lined out
Looking fearless and bold
To meet the boys from the Slaney
In purple and gold.

The whistle has gone
The game’s in full swing
Wexford break away
Like a flash up the wing

Then across to the centre
The ball goes by a flick
While the crowd on the stand
Roar’d – Give it to Nick!

Down lobs the ball again
In the centre
Hearne was ever Salmon’s tormentor
But little he cared for
Salmon or trout,
He sent it over the bar
From ninety yards out

The first half was fast
Back Galway were fighting
The game was hectic
And very exciting
The Wizard, Tim Flood
With the ball on his stick
Flew off like a hare
To give it to Nick!

The backs are as solid
As the Rock of Gibraltar
The Centre was safe
They never did falter
The Forwards of course
They sure did the trick
For the goals came in torrents
When they gave it to Nick!

Now for our final our boys
They are beckoned
To Croke Park again
On September the second
The boys from the Lee
They surely will lick
Yes, they’ll do it again
If – They give it to Nick!

So now in conclusion
I hasten to say,
Bold Wexford I thank you
For winning the Day
You hurled like real champions
The Galwegians you routed
ALL IRELAND believes it for
No one can doubt it.

You have trounced them all
E’en the best they could pick,
But they all go the one way
When – we give it to Nick!

William Meyler
Tuskar View, Wexford
30th July 1956