Allianz National Hurling League fixtures & structure for 2014

Proposed Allianz NHL 2014 fixtures

  • 16-Feb Antrim AwayDSC_0056
  • 23-Feb Offaly Home
  • 09-Mar Limerick Away
  • 16-Mar Laois Home
  • 23-Mar Cork Away

Allianz Hurling Leagues 2014 structures

Key Principles:

  • 3 Divisions split into “A” and “B” Groups based on 2013 league finishing positions
  • Introduction of quarter finals to ensure an extra game for each county (in Division 1 only)
  • Promotion/Relegation between Divisions by means of Promotion/Relegation Play-Off (i.e. between Div 1 & Div 2; and between Div 2 and Div 3); i.e. a team must prove they are good enough to be promoted by beating the lowest ranked team above them
  • Promotion/Relegation between Groups of the same Division is automatic (i.e between 1a and 1b, between 2a and 2b, between 3a and 3b; loser of relegation play-off is replaced the following year by top finishing team in B group)
  • Each team in Division 1 can win the title in theory, regardless of which group they are in
  • There is no longer a Division 1b final
  • 2014 Leagues to be based on 2013 league finishing positions

Division 1 (12 Teams)

Division 1a (6 teams) – Clare, Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford

Division 1b (6 teams) – Antrim, Cork, Laois Limerick, Offaly, Wexford

5 regular round home games in each group followed by Division 1 Quarter Finals & Semi-Finals as follows:

Quarter Finals

A.           1st placed Division 1a v 4th placed Division 1b

B.           2nd Division 1a v 3rd Division 1b

C.           3rd Division 1a v 2nd Division 1b

D.           4th Division 1a v 1st Division 1b

Quarterfinals to be on a Home and Away basis, with home venue decided as follows:

  •  Where a team who has had 2 home games in the Regular season draws a team who has had 3 home games in the Regular Season, HOME venue goes to team who has had only 2 home games in the Regular season
  • Where two teams who have had 2 home games play each other, or where two teams who have had 3 home games play each other, toss for HOME venue


  • A v D
  • B v C

Semi-Finals to be played at venues to be appointed by the C.C.C.C

Relegation Play Offs between bottom placed teams in each Group with formula outlined above for

Quarter Finals to be used to determine Home venue:

  • Division 1a: 5th place v 6th place (loser is relegated to Div 1b for 2015)
  • Division 1b: 5th place v 6th place (loser plays Division 2 winner in Relegation/Promotion


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