1.  Teams will be seeded as follows for senior championship draw

1st seeds, county champions and beaten finalists from previous year.

2ndseeds, 2 beaten semi finalists from previous year.

3rd seeds, 4 beaten quarter finalists from previous year.

4th seeds, 3 teams that played in relegation and team promoted from previous year.

For all other championships bar senior the county champions will be replaced as top seeds by the team relegated from previous year.

Each Championship group will comprise of one 1st seed, one 2nd seed, two 3rd seeds and 2 4th seeds.                       Passed                              GUSSERANE

  1. (a) That the Junior A and B Football and Hurling Championships be amalgamated and run at District Level as one championship.  District committees to decide on format etc and must have finals completed by September 30th otherwise a team must be nominated for county semi-finals.  All relevant bye-laws to be amended/deleted.        Lost
  2. 3.     (b) U21 Hurling be played on Tuesday nights starting in July and played to a conclusion on a knockout basis.   All relevant bye-laws to be amended/deleted.   CCC Committee to examine and come back with a proposal

CCC Committee

  1. 4.      That the 3 final round  5 group fixtures in each group be played on the same date and at the same time.   Passed for where results matters


  1.  Only the bottom teams in each group should play off for relegation in the Championship.




  1.  Semi-finals introduced for all Divisions in the League for 2014.  We feel if a team is unfortunate enough to loose their first three games in the league under the present format they have little to play for.  If the top four teams qualify a lot more of the games will remain competitive.




  1. a.    Re-grading of players.  No players are graded.  All players start the year on equal footing.

Once they play a Championship game they then cannot play at a lower grade in the

  1.        Championship.                                                                                           Lost 

b.  That the teams finishing bottom of their respective Championship groups go straight to a                                        relegation final, thus removing relegation semi-finals.              Passed

c.  That Senior County players play a minimum of two league games.



  1.  That the 6th or bottom team in each group play off for relegation.



  1.  a.   Under 21 Roinn 1 Hurling and Football Championship competitions be organised on an All  County Open Draw basis and to all teams that are not graded for participation in the Premier Under 21 Championships.  All relevant bye-laws to be amended accordingly.


  1. That championship games, where possible, be not played on consecutive weekends or in the same week.                                                                                                                    Recommendation


  1. That all final rounds of championship be played on the same day and at the same time.

Where results matter       Carried


  1.  We at Ferns St Aidans are happy for All County League and championship structures for 2014 to remain the same as in the season just finished. However, we do suggest that when the Master Fixture list is being drawn up, that provision be made for a two-week period that can be designated as ‘Free of Club Activity’. This would be to give players and/or mentors sufficient notice of when they may arrange holidays, if they so wish, without the worry that a championship fixture might end up being fixed for that time.

We suggest this might be possible around June/July when club activity normally takes a back seat to inter-county activity anyway.

We recognise that the Master Plan may have to be amended over the course of the summer due to unforeseen circumstances such as the draw between Wexford and Dublin the in the Leinster SHC this year, but ask that provision be made that even if such factors come into play again, that the designated two-week period remain free of club action.

We recognise too that this may mean a ‘glut’ of fixtures in a short spell after Wexford’s involvement in inter-county activity concludes, but as this is often the case anyway, we feel clubs would be happy to tolerate this if it meant their players and mentors could plan their personal lives a little better during the Summer.

It would of course still be open to clubs to have training sessions and/or practice matches during this ‘free’ period – we are not proposing a complete closedown such as currently applies to the inter-county scene in winter.

Where it can be achieved in 2013                        Recommendation