Walsh Cup & O’Byrne Cup ready for off.




Bord na Móna has once again committed sponsorship for the third year running to the Bord na Móna Leinster G.A.A. Series – the Tournaments which assist the  Leinster GAA Benevolent fund, encapsulating the Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup, Bord na Móna Walsh Cup and Bord na Móna Kehoe Cup competitions.

It’s a chance for players, officials and supporters alike to shake off the post-Christmas festivities and turn their focus towards the new season, where the competitions provide emerging talent to gain the limelight for either county or college sides, while those more established players aim to cement their places on their squad.

The Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup commences for Wexford on Sunday, January 5th , with we  host Laois in New Ross at 2pm  and will be run on a league basis for the second year in a row.

The hurlers play in the Walsh Cup on the 19th of January. They play the winners of Laois and NUIG. This game will be home if its NUIG and away of its Laois.

11 counties and 5 college teams will compete for silverware, in a four group competition, which culminates following 27 games with the famed O’Byrne Cup being presented following the decider on January 26th, which will be broadcast live on TG4.

The Bord na Móna Walsh Cup and Kehoe Cup hurling competitions have a similar format as last year, with the Walsh Cup starting on January 12th and the Kehoe Cup on January 19th.

The Bord na Móna Walsh Cup is a straight knockout competition with Antrim and Galway joining Leinster counties Kilkenny, Wexford, Offaly, Westmeath, Carlow, Laois and Dublin; and college sides U.C.D., D.I.T. and N.U.I.G.

16 teams will take part in an expanded Bord na Móna Kehoe Cup competition, which sees a Bord na Móna Kehoe Shield competition for those teams knocked out in the first round.

Leinster counties Longford, Meath, Wicklow, Kildare and Louth and Dublin side Fingal are joined by their Ulster counterparts Armagh, Down and Derry; Mayo and Roscommon from Connacht along with college sides St. Pats Drumcondra, D.C.U., Trinity College, Queens University and G.M.I.T.

All Leinster counties, bar Kilkenny along with reigning Sigerson Cup champions D.I.T., U.C.D., D.C.U., I.T. Carlow and Athlone I.T. will set out for Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup football honours.

Wexford, Laois, Offaly and U.C.D. are paired in Group A; Carlow, Longford, Kildare and Athlone I.T.. are in Group B. D.I.T. Captain Bryan Menton will face his native Meath in Group C, which also includes Wicklow and I.T. Carlow, while Dublin, Westmeath, Louth and D.C.U. are in Group D.

For the second year running the second round will comprise entirely of floodlit fixtures, with eight games taking place under lights around the province on Wednesday January 8th.

All games are at 7.45pm, with Laois facing Offaly in Portlaoise, while Wexford host U.C.D. in Group A; Longford take on Kildare and Carlow face Athlone IT in Group B.

In Group C, Wicklow host D.I.T. at Newtownmountkennedy and Meath face I.T. Carlow in Navan.

Dublin will face Louth at Parnell Park, while Westmeath will host DCU at St. Loman’s Mullingar in Group D.

This is the third year of Bord na Mona’s sponsorship of the Leinster GAA Series. 2012 was the first time for the competitions to be sponsored, since the inception of the O’Byrne Cup in 1954.

These competitions were established to help provide funds for the Leinster GAA Benevolent fund, which helps players and other GAA members with financial assistance in times of need.




Group A                 Group B                 Group C                 Group D

Wexford                 Carlow                   Meath                    Westmeath

Laois                      Longford                D.I.T.                     Dublin

Offaly                     Kildare                   Wicklow                 Louth

U.C.D.                             Athlone I.T.            I.T. Carlow             D.C.U.

The Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup S.F.  2014 – GROUP A

Wexford       v        Laois            5.1.2014      New Ross                         2.00

Offaly           v        U.C.D.                   5.1.2014      Tullamore                       2.00

Laois            v        Offaly           8.1.2014      Portlaoise                       7.45

U.C.D.             v        Wexford       8.1.2014      St. Patricks Park, Enniscorthy     7.45

Laois            v        U.C.D.                   12.1.2014     Portarlington                   2.00

Offaly           v        Wexford       12.1.2014     Tullamore                         TBC

The Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup S.F. 2014 – GROUP B

Carlow         v        Longford      5.1.2014      Carlow                            2.00

Kildare          v        Athlone I.T.  5.1.2014      Newbridge                      2.00

Longford      v        Kildare          8.1.2014      Newtowncashel                7.45

Athlone I.T.  v        Carlow         8.1.2014      Carlow IT                       7.45

Longford      v        Athlone I.T.  12.1.2014     Ballymahon                     2.00

Kildare          v        Carlow         12.1.2014     Newbridge                      2.00

The Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup S.F. 2014 – GROUP C

Meath           v        D.I.T.           5.1.2014      Navan                             2.00

Wicklow        v        I.T. Carlow   5.1.2014      Ashford                          2.00

D.I.T.           v        Wicklow        8.1.2014      Newtownmountkennedy    7.45

I.T. Carlow   v        Meath           8.1.2014      Navan                             7.45

D.I.T.           v        I.T. Carlow   12.1.2014     St. Margarets                            2.00

Wicklow        v        Meath           12.1.2014     Aughrim                         2.00

The Bord na Móna O’Byrne Cup S.F. 2014 – GROUP D

Louth           v        D.C.U.                   4.1.2014      Haggardstown                 7.30

Westmeath   v        Dublin          5.1.2014      Mullingar                        2.00

Dublin          v        Louth           8.1.2014      Parnell Park                    7.45

D.C.U.                   v        Westmeath   8.1.2014      St. Lomans                      7.45

Dublin          v        D.C.U.                   12.1.2014     Parnell Park                    2.00

Louth           v        Westmeath   12.1.2014     Drogheda                       2.00
Semi-Finals -19.1.2014


Final – 26.1.2014


The Bord Na Móna Walsh Cup S.H. 2014

First Round

1.       Laois            v        N.U.I.G.       12.1.2014     Rathdowney           2.00

2.       Carlow         v        U.C.D.                   12.1.2014     Carlow                   2.00

3.       Westmeath   v        D.I.T.           12.1.2014     Mullingar                2.00
4.       Offaly           v        Antrim                   12.1.2014     Tullamore              2.00



5.       1                 v        Wexford       19.1.2014     Portlaoise/Wexford

6.       2                 v        Dublin          19.1.2014     Carlow/Parnell Park

7.       3                 v        Kilkenny       19.1.2014     Mullingar/Kilkenny
8.       4                 v        Galway         19.1.2014     Tullamore/Antrim



9.                       v        6                 26.1.2014     Home Venue 5

10.     7                 v        8                 26.1.2014     Home Venue 7
Final   9                 v        10                2.2.2014      Home Venue 9




Bord na Móna Walsh Shield S.H. 2014


(a)      Loser 1         v        Loser 2         19.1.2014     TBC

(b)     Loser 3         v        Loser 4         19.1.2014     TBC

Final   (a)               v        (b)               26.1.2014     TBC



 The Bord Na Móna Kehoe Cup S.H. 2014

First Round

1.       Down           v        Queens University   18.1.2014     Queens         6.30

2.       Fingal           v        Longford               19.1.2014     Dublin Venue 2.00

3.       Louth           v        G.M.I.T.                 19.1.2014     Louth Venue  2.00
4.       Kildare          v        Roscommon            19.1.2014     Kildare Venue 2.00

5.       D.C.U.                   v        Derry                     19.1.2014     St. Clares DCU 2.00

6.       Trinity          v        Armagh                  19.1.2014     Trinity Venue 2.00

7.       Meath           v        St Patricks              19.1.2014     Trim            2.00

8.       Wicklow        v        Mayo                    19.1.2014     Wicklow Venue 2.00
9.       1                 v        2                           26.1.2014

10.     3                 v        4                           26.1.2014

11.     5                 v        6                           26.1.2014

12.     7                  v        8                           26.1.2014
13.     9                 v        10                         2.2.2014

14.     11                v        12                         2.2.2014
15.     13                v        14                         9.2.2014
The Bord Na Móna Kehoe Cup S.H. Shield 2014

A.       Loser 1         v        Loser 2         26.1.2014     TBC

B.       Loser  3        v        Loser 4         26.1.2014     TBC

C.       Loser 5         v        Loser 6         26.1.2014     TBC

D.      Loser   7       v        Loser  8        26.1.2014     TBC
E.       A        v        B        2.2.2014      TBC

F.       C        v        D       2.2.3014      TBC

Final   E        v        F        9.2.2014      TBC

Bord Na Mona 2014