Wexford GAA Convention – the motions

The Wexford GAA annual Convention took place earlier this week in the Ferrycarrig Hotel and below are the various motions which were down for consideration and voting.

Wexford Town Inter Club Transfers

  1. The Parish Boundary as obtained on 1st January 1972 shall continue to be the accepted boundaries for  G.A.A. purposes in Wexford
  2. Subject to the Exceptions below, or unless otherwise exempted by the CCC a player, including underage and adult, must continue as a member of the Wexford Town Club of which he was a member on the 1st November 2013. This bye law to remain in force until 1st November 2016. All relevant byelaws to be amended/deleted as appropriate.


(i)  A member of a club in Wexford town whose Permanent Residence is currently outside Wexford town may transfer to the club in whose Catchment area he/she permanently lives.

(ii) A member of a club in Wexford town who satisfies the CCC that his Permanent Residence has changed to the Catchment of a club outside Wexford town may be granted a transfer.

(iii) A member of a club in Wexford town who wishes to return to his First Club may be granted a transfer.

Amendment:   An adult or child who did not play for any club for 2 calendar years is a free agent- for Wexford Town only                                                    

 Coiste Bainisti Loch Garman  – Carried with amendment

In relation to interclub transfers between the 6 clubs in Wexford town, we propose that where a player wishes to transfer from one club to another club in hurling or football or both, that a player must wait a period of one year before his transfer is allowed i.e. if he transfer in December 2013, he is not eligible to compete at a competitive level with that club until 1st January 2015. The player would become a member of the new club immediately once his transfer is granted, however he cannot play competitively with his new club for a period of one year.

The above scenario to apply only in interclub transfers between the 6 clubs of Wexford town, normal transfer rules to continue between rural clubs and between rural and urban clubs in Wexford town.

The transfer committee would reserve the right to allow transfers in what they deem to be exceptional circumstances.

Faythe Harriers – Ruled Out of Order

That Cumann Luthchleas Gael Loch Garman will formulate and circularize a “Code of Conduct” for match umpires that will clearly outline the duties and responsibilities of Umpires.

Oulart the Ballagh – Referred to Referees


Administration Committee

In hurling, for any free been taken, penalty or otherwise, no ball can be struck inside the 20 metre line. The penalty for breach of this is a free out. Linesmen & Referees to police the issue.

St Anne’s –     Lost

For Leinster Club  football championship the first round of the championship proper must be  a two year home and away system, with open draw for second round.

St Anne’s  – Carried

6.43 Closed Months/Collective Training


That Rule 6.43 be amended as follows:

The commencement date for Collective Training of Inter County Under Age Teams shall, unless otherwise approved by Central Council, be as follows:

U 21 Football December 1st

Remainder of Rule no change