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All-Ireland Quarter Final men’s Open Doubles


At Kingscourt, Cavan


Paul Brady/Michael Finnegan (Cavan) dft Gavin Buggy/Jason Murphy 21-14, 21-11


Great credit must go to the Wexford pair with Jason Murphy substituting in at the last minute as Tommy Hynes was unavailable due to work commitments. A disappoint result but an encouraging performance as the Wexford doubles lost to  who are the favourites of many to win this year’s title. Buggy had just come off the back of securing another County doubles title on Wednesday night and as Wexford entered this game as the underdogs no pressure lay at the feet of either Buggy or Murphy. The standard of handball was extremely high on the day and both Wexford players gave a good account of themselves playing some top class handball.  Even though they fought hard throughout the match their Cavan opponents had too much in reserve and eventually won on a score line of 21-14 and 21-11.



GAA Handball 40X20 Leinster  U-12/U-13 Team of 6 Final in Garryhill..


1st Double :

Wexford (Glen Murphy & Josh Kavanagh) 15,10 V’s Kilkenny (Jack Holden & Dylan Crehan) 10,15..

2nd Double :

Wexford (Josh McMahon & Richard Lawlor) 15,14 V’s Kilkenny (Kyle Dunne & Jack Doyle) 13,15..

3rd Double :

Wexford (Cian Kehoe & Diarmuid Moore) 15,15 V’s Kilkenny (Jack Buggy & Jamie Maher) 10,11..

Final Score : Wexford 84 Kilkenny 74..

Referee : Sean Ryan (Garryhill)..

Wexford Substitute’s : Richard Browne & Dean O’Neill..

Report :

Friday evening in Garryhill beneath the shadow of Mount Leinster the GAA Handball Leinster 40X20 Boys U-12/U-13 Team 6 Final took place and it was a night that all those present witnessed one of the most compelling games of Juvenile Handball between old rivals Wexford and Kilkenny that one could hope to see. This game had it all and before I go any further a special word of thanks to the long serving Garryhill stalwart Sean Ryan who officiated on the evening and expertly and fairly refereed all three games. We knew we had a very good squad after dominating the entry level Grades of the Leinster Juvenile Championship’s in Singles and Doubles but Kilkenny came equally as confident with some fantastic players in their squad. The opening Doubles was a terrific struggle between Glen Murphy & Josh Kavanagh (Wexford) and Jack Holden & Dylan Crehan (Kilkenny) and after winning the opening game 15-10 we set about putting our stamp on the game only to be outplayed in no uncertain terms in the 2nd losing it on an identical scoreline 15-10. This was indeed a setback as instead of forging 7 or 8 Aces clear we ended up level and it was back to square one. Next into the Court were Cumann na mBunscoil Winners Josh McMahon & Richard Lawlor (Wexford) and they were pitted against Kyle Dunne & Jack Doyle (Kilkenny). This was simply a sensational battle between both pairs as they fought tooth and nail to open up a lead in the match. Kyle Dunne was majestic for Kilkenny and they looked all over the winners when leading 11-4 in the 1st Game before Josh & Richard dug in to not only change the game but the course of the match as well as they stormed back to win it 15-13. The concession of 10 or 11 Aces here would have been almost curtains for Wexford but tremendous credit is due to Josh & Richard who refused to buckle when under heavy fire. The 2nd Game was an epic affair as all four players were magnificent in every aspect of the Game. Excitement was at fever pitch in the closing stages as Kilkenny saw it out to win it 15-14, that left 1 Ace in it after 4X15 Ace Games and it was anybody’s game at this stage.

Cian Kehoe & Diarmuid Moore (Wexford) were our last pair into the Court against Jack Buggy & Jamie Maher (Kilkenny) and we looked set to collect as we led 11-0 in the early stages before the lads seemed to lose their concentration and let Kilkenny back to 11-10, it was here that they reasserted to win it with some great shots 15-10. If they could win the last Game the title was ours but they got off to a disastrous start and found themselves 6-0 down and under intense pressure. Kilkenny had the winning posts very much in their sights but the evening was to have one more dramatic twist as Cian & Diarmuid weren’t to be denied and magnificently played their way out of desperate trouble to win the Game 15-11. A remarkable contest for boys U-12 & U-13 on both teams and they rightly received a rousing appreciation of their efforts after the Game. Sean Ryan presented the Awards after the Game – Commiserations to a gallant Kilkenny on a very sporting and competitive contest. For the Wexford boys an All Ireland Semi-Final appearance awaits most likely next weekend.


GAA Handball 40X20 Leinster U-14/U-15 Team 6 Finals in Tinryland

1st Doubles :

Wexford (Adam Walsh, William Murray-Byrne) 15, 15 V’s Kilkenny (Keith Lafford, Shane Cullen) 6, 3

2nd Doubles :

Wexford (Colm Parnell, Adam Hanrahan) 10,1 V’s Kilkenny (Adian Barry, Jack Hayse) 15,15.

3rd Doubles :

Wexford (Robert Cogley, Ciaran Power) 15,5 V’s Kilkenny (Robert Lodge, Conor Hogan) 10,15

Team Manager – Martin Power

Final Score : Wexford 61 Kilkenny 64..


Wexford got off to a flying start with Adam Walsh, William Murray-Byrne dominating the opening match running out convincing winners on a score line of  15-6, 15-3. Wexford played the majority of the handball in this opening match with some great controlled serving from the Wexford pair. This result really set Wexford in the right direction as they enter the second set of doubles 30-9 up.

Our second set of doubles Colm Parnell & Adam Hanrahan faced extremely tough opposition from their Kilkenny counterparts. This first game was a tightly fought encounter that saw Wexford loose 15-10, but there were several positives to be taken as Hanrahan played some excellent roof shots and Parnell displayed some excellent back wall skills on both left and right hand. However the second game prove to be a major turning point s Kilkenny took the initiative in the overall scoring as they won the second game 15-1. This left a intriguing score line of Wexford 41 and Kilkenny 39 going into the final doubles match.

Wexford final pairing was Robert Cogley & Ciaran Power who began their first match excellently and both players demonstrated some excellent shots and shot selection. The Wexford pair won the opening game 15-10, which left Wexford 7 points ahead in the overall standings. However in the second game the Kilkenny pairing seemed to find their focus and what can only be described as a thrilling encounter took place. The pace of the final game was frantic with both side committing entirely to each rally. However it was not to be for the Wexford U14/U15 boys as Kilkenny took the final game 15-5 which left Kilkenny winning on a score line of 64-61 must to the disappointment of the Wexford team and manager Martin Power,


GAA Handball 40X20 Leinster U-14/U-15 Team 6 Finals in Tinryland

1st Doubles :

Wexford (Darren Murphy, Ciaran Busher) 10,11 V’s Kilkenny (James Culleton, Robert White) 15,15

2nd Doubles :

Wexford (Liam Rossiter, Shane Murphy) 15,15 V’s Kilkenny (Jack Crehan, Conor Fahey) 6,7

Team Manager – Billy Rossiter

Final Score : Wexford 51 Kilkenny 43

First up for Wexford in this team of four was Darren Murphy & Ciaran Busher. Both Wexford players settled into the game straight away and took the serve form Kilkenny early on. This game showed some good communication skills between the Wexford players who afforded each other plenty of room in the alley to execute their shots. The Kilkenny pairing started slow but soon found their form and once they retook the serve they soon began to rack up the scores. To the credit of the Wexford pair they left nothing behind in the alley recovering some excellent balls along with finishing off some rally’s with top kills. However their Kilkenny opponents had too much firepower and Wexford lost the first 15-10 and the second 15-11 which left them trailing by 9 points.

Enter Liam Rossiter and Shane Murphy for Wexford who needed to recover 9 points to secure the Leinster title. The Wexford pair began took the initiative straight away and showed excelling killing shots off the back wall along with some very cute serving. This lead to Wexford securing the first game on a score line of 15-6 which meant the side were all square going into the final game. This final game was breath taking as both set of players gave their all. The in play rallying could have been compared to that of a top adult level with an array of shots on show. The experience and awareness of the Wexford pair eventually pushed them over the line by a score line of 15-7 , which to be fair was more than well deserved. Team manager Billy Rossiter paid tribute to both set of doubles and subs on the night Conor Nolan & Laurence Dunne after the match saying all  players showed great pride in wearing their county colours but acknowledged some work needs to be done to progress past the All-Ireland semi finals.




Wexford 40 x 20 County Championship, Senior Open doubles,
Youth & Experience prevail ……

In the Wexford 40 x 20 County Championship, Senior doubles, Gavin Buggy / Daniel Kavanagh (St Josephs) defeated Micky Berry / Miley Cash (Barntown) 21-6 , 21-6 . The perfect mix of the youth of Kavanagh and the experience plus awareness of Buggy proved far too strong for the hard hitting pair of Berry & Cash whom have previously tasted success at the level of senior doubles. But however on Wednesday night the 26th of March last playing in St Joseph’s alley, Gavin Buggy and Daniel Kavanagh showed zero mercy as they ran convincing winner of the men’s senior doubles. The early stages of the first game suggested this could be a very tight affair but the St Joseph’s pair took grasp of the first game half way through and never looked back. The Barntown players showed great power in the alley but the accuracy of both their opponents proved to be the decisive throughout the match.


The men’s open senior singles final takes place this coming Wednesday at 8pm in St. Josephs between Gavin Buggy (St Josephs) and Tommy Hynes (St Mary’s). This final is a highly anticipated encounter and an excellent night’s entertainment is sure to be on the cards.


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All-Ireland Quarter Final men’s Open Doubles


At Kingscourt, Cavan


Paul Brady/Michael Finnegan (Cavan) dft Gavin Buggy/Jason Murphy 21-14, 21-11



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