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All Ireland Intermediate Hardball Semi Final Match Report


Jason Murphy (Wexford) took on John-Joe Quirke in the All Ireland semi-final Hardball Intermediate on Saturday last which turned out to be a very tight affair. The first game started at a frantic pace with the Wexford man generating excellent power when serving. At the mid stage of the first game it was extremely tight at 15 points each when Quirke took sever and made 5 aces. This left Jason Murphy facing game ball and much to his credit he dug deep and took sever. He then reached 20 points also and served game ball but was undone by a excellent kill shot by the Kerry man. At 20 points each the next score was game point and Murphy pulled out all the stops and retook serve and won the first game 21-20.

Having won the All Ireland minor Hardball last year Jason Murphy drew on all of his experience in the second game which was tied at 8-8, 12-12, 15-15 and 18-18 until Murphy took control and won the second game 21-18. With this win under his belt and confidence running high Jason Murphy now looks forward to a All-Ireland finals in the coming weeks.



Juvenile Ball Wall County Final Results



Boys U-12                             Richard Lawlor (St Joseph’s) beat Dean O’Neill (Ballymitty)


Boys U-13                             Glen Murphy (St Mary’s) beat Cian Kehoe (St Jospeh’s)


Boys U-14                             William Murray-Byrne (Bridgetown) beat Richard Cogley (Ballymitty)


Boys U-15                             Adam Webb (St Joseph’s) beat Patrick Boland (Templeudigan)


Boys U-16                             Daniel Kavanagh (St Joseph’s) beat Ciaran Busher (Bridgetown)


Boys U-17                             Keith Armstrong (Kilmyshall) beat Stevie Lawlor (Bridgetown)


Girls U -12                           Alabeth Curran (St Joseph’s) beat Niamh Miller (St Joseph’s)


Girls U-13                            Emma O’Connor (Ballymitty) beat Daniel Kinsella (Ballymitty)


Girls U-14                            Cora Doyle (St Joseph’s) beat Siobhan Elms (Templeudigan)


Adult 60 x 30 County Championship Results


Junior D Singles                                Kevin Murphy (Ballymitty) beat David Rossiter (Barntown)

                                                21-7 & 21-12

Junior C Singles                                Gavin Goggins (St Mary’s) beat Tom Byrne (Kilmyshall)

                                                21-4 & 21-6  


Women Junior Singles  Tanya O’Toole (Coolgreany) beat Courtney Browne (Coolgreany)            

                                                21-5 & 21-1


Junior singles                    Miley Connors (Barntown) beat John Roche (Castlebridge)         

                                                21-13 & 21-13


Junior D Singles                                Tomas Murphy (Kilmyshall) beat Barry Byrne (Ballymitty)

                                                21-8 & 21-10


Junior D Singles                                Timmy Farrell (Kilmyshall) beat James Moran Jnr (Ballymitty)

                                                21-8 & 21-8

Junior C Singles                                John Murphy (Kilmyshall) beat Patrick Boland (Templeudigan)

                                                21-7 & 21-4

Junior Singles                    Malachy Whelan (Castlebridge) beat Ricky Barron (Barntown)

                                                21-6 & 21-17


Junior Doubles                 Paddy Haughton/Matthew Hynes (St Mary’s) beat Michéal O’Neill/David Redmond (Templeudigan) 21-9 & 21-10


Junior B Singles                                Padhraic Roberts (Kilmyshall) beat Sean Flood (St Joseph’s)

                                                21-14 & 21-5


Junior D Doubles             James Stanners/David Stanners (St Martin’s) beat Brendan Holohan/Brendan Fitzpatrick (Templeudigan) 21-12 & 21-12


Emerald Master A Singles            Benny Doyle (Horeswood) beat Harry Lacey (St Joseph’s)

                                                                21-5 & 21-9


Junior Singles                    Niall Maher (Kilmyshall) beatRobert Byrne (Bridgetown)

                                                21-11 & 21-5



Women Junior Singles  Holly Hynes (St Mary’s) beat Anne Boland (Templeudigan)

                                                21-10 & 21-12    


Junior D Singles                                David Stanners (St Martin’s) beat Eddie Lawlor (Coolgreany)

                                                21-3 & 21-5


Junior C Singles                Mick Carty/PJ Lacey (St Martin’s) beat Liam Rossiter/Anthony Butler (Ballyhogue) 21-9 , 6-21 & 21-9

Junior D  Singles               Owen Redmond (Kilmyshall) beat Kevin Murphy (Ballymitty)                                                      21-10 & 21-0


Emerald Master B Singles            Tom Byrne (Kilmyshall) beat Miley Byrne (Ballymitty)

                                                                21-17 & 21-14    


Junior B Singles                                Miley Connors (Barntown) beat Michael Goggins (Barntown)    

                                                15-21, 21-10 & 21-15


Senior Singles                   Gavin Buggy (St Joseph’s) beat Jason Murphy (Castlebridge)

                                                20-21, 21-10 & 21-13


Junior Singles                    Malachy Whelan (Castlebridge) beat Phil Coleman (Ballymitty)

                                                9-21, 21-11 & 21-14


Junior D Doubles             Barry Byrne/James Moran Jnr (Ballymitty) beat Stephen Kavanagh/Martin Crowley (St Joseph’s) 21-7 & 21-8



Junior D Singles                                James Stanners (St Martin’s) beat Brendan Holohan (Templeudigan) 

                                                21-10 & 21-9


Junior B Doubles              Alan O’Neill/David Cleary (Ballymitty) beat Stephen Murphy/Brendan Murphy (Castlebridge) 21-8 & 21-2


Junior D Singles                                Alan Armstrong (Kilmyshall) beat Adam Hanrahan(Castlebridge)

                                                21-6 & 21-12


Intermediate Hardball All Ireland Semi Final


Jason Murphy (Wexford) beat John Joe Quirke (Kerry) 21-20 & 21-18


Upcoming Fixtures

Monday, 19th May

At Ballymitty

7.30        JD           Robert Byrne/Michéal Busher (BRT) v Benny Doyle/Barry McWilliams (HOW)

8.15        JBD         Robert Doyle/Sean Flood (STJ) v Stephen Murphy/Brendan Murphy (CAB)


At Barntown

7.30        JCD         Gavin Goggins/Fintan Furlong (STY) v Seamie O’Neill/Marty Kinsella (BAM)

8.15        MBS       Ricky Barron (BAT) v Mick Carty (STJ)


At Kilmyshall

7.30        JS            Darren O’Toole (COG) v                David Kenny (CAB)

8.15        JBS         Ronan Greene (BAT) v Damien Kelly (COG)


At St. Mary’s

7.30        JBS         Tommy Armstrong (KIL) v Michael Goggins (BAT)


Tuesday, 20th May

At Barntown

7.30        JDS         Walter Lawlor (BAT) v James Stanners (STM)

8.15        JDS         Adam Hanrahan (CAB) v Brendan Holohan (TLU)


At Castlebridge

7.30        JD           Paddy Haughton/Matthew Hynes (STY) v Padhraic Roberts/Niall Maher  (KIL)

8.15        EMAS    Jim Doyle (BAT) v Harry Lacey (STJ)


At Kilmyshall

7.30        WJS       Courtney Browne (COG) v Olivia Sweeney (STJ) OFF

8.15        JDS         James Moran Jnr (BAM) v Eddie Lawlor (COG)


Wednesday, 21st May

At Barntown

7.30        JCS         Bryan Kehoe (CAB) v Seamie O’Neill (BAM)        

8.15        O35S      Barry McWilliams (HOW) v Alan O’Neill (BAM)


At St. Mary’s

6.45        WJS       Roisin Walsh (STJ) v Holly Hynes (STJ)

7.30        MBD      David Cleary/Marty Kinsella (BAM) v Michael Carty/PJ Lacey (STJ)

8.15        JDS         Barry Byrne (BAM) v Roger Doyle (BAT)


Thursday, 22nd May

At Ballymitty

7.30        JDS         Walter Lawlor (BAT) v Brendan Holohan (TLU)

8.00        JDD        Tommy Murphy/Timmy Farrell (KIL) v James Stanners/David Stanners (STM)


At St. Mary’s

7.30        JD           Malachy Whelan/John Roche (CAB) v Robert Byrne/Michéal Busher (BRT)

8.00        JBS         Robert Doyle (STJ) v Stephen Murphy (CAB)


At Templeudigan

7.30        JBD         Padhraic Roberts/Tommy Armstrong (KIL) v Frank Maddock/Paul Cleary (BAM)

8.00        EMBS    Tom Byrne (KIL) v Brendan Murphy (CAB)


Friday, 23rd May

At Ballymitty

7.15        EMBS    Aiden Sinnott (BAM) v Billy Rossiter (BAM)


At Barntown

7.30        MBS       Ricky Barron (BAT) v John Roche (CAB)

8.15        EMBS    Miley Byrne (BAM) v Jimmy Dunne (KIL)


At Templeudigan

7.15        WJS       Anne Boland (TLU) v Tanya O’Toole (COG)


Saturday, 24th May

At Ballymitty

6.30        JDD        James Stanners/David Stanners (STM) v Barry Byrne/James Moran Jnr (BAM)

7.15        JDD        Kevin Murphy/John Byrne (BAM) v Ciaran Busher/PJ Martin (BRT)

8.00     GMBD           Frank Maddock/Kevin Murphy (BAM) v Stephen Murphy/Brendan Murphy (CAB)


At Barntown

7.15        JDD        Brendan Holohan/Brendan Fitzpatrick (TLU) v Walter Lawlor/David Rossiter (BAT)


At Coolgreany

6.30        JDD        Robert Manton/Eddie Lawlor (COG) v Alan Armstrong/Owen Redmond ( KIL)

7.15        JBD         Damien Kelly/Ned Connors (COG) v Padhraic Roberts/Tommy Armstrong (KIL)


At St. Mary’s

5.00        WJS       Roisin Walsh (STJ) v Olivia Sweeney (STJ)

5.45        WJS       Holly Hynes (STY) v Courtney Browne (COG)

6.30        O35S      Robert Byrne (BRT) v Barry McWilliams (HOW)


At Templeudigan

6.30        JCD         Tom Byrne/Jimmy Dunne (KIL) v Eamon Codd/Brian Busher (BRT)


Sunday, 25th May

At Castlebridge

6.30     JDD    Owen Redmond/Alan Armstrong (KIL)) v Ciaran Busher/PJ Martin (BRT)