National Féile Peile na nÓg 2015 Comes To The Sunny South East

Féile Peil na nÓg 2015 poster

National Féile Peil na nÓg 2015

Full preparations are already in full swing in what is going to be the biggest team sporting event in Ireland, and Wexford will play a major role in South Leinster along with Carlow and Wicklow hosting the 2015 National Féile Peil na nÓg. It is expected that over 250 U-14 Football teams boys and girls, over 6,500 players altogether will take to the playing fields of the Sunny South East in the last weekend in June 2015, which will make it the largest Feile Peil organized since the inception of the competition with teams also coming as far as Scotland, England and America.  This is the 2nd year that the competition will be run on a provincial wide basis allowing a wider expanse of teams to partake. An estimated 30,000 family, friends and supporters will travel with the teams ensuring a busy and bountiful weekend for businesses in over 100 different parishes, towns and hotels in Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow.

The logistical undertaking involved in organizing a competition as large as this will require the help of your Club in taking part and hosting and to help make this visit to Wexford and to your parish of all young traveling  budding footballers a weekend they will cherish for many years to come.

Already there is a huge interest from GAA clubs across Wexford to participate in the competition and to host traveling clubs; this will be a great opportunity to promote your club at a national level. If your club wishes to participate

  • Please Submit an application form by Friday 5th December, applications can be downloaded from
  • Nominate a person in your club to act as Féile Official for the duration of Féile Peil nÓg
  • As part of your clubs participation in the competition it is expected to provide host accommodation for a visiting team, this means that you will need to organise places to stay for 24 team players and at least three mentors.

For more local information please email:

 Marguerite Furlong, Vice Chairperson Feile Peil Committee

Gerry Moran, Assistant Secretary Feile

The Handing over the Feile Flag to the 2015 hosts recived by Marguerite Forlong and Gerry Moran

The handing over the Feile Flag to 2015 hosts recived by Marguerite Forlong and Gerry Moran


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