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Coiste na nÓg fixtures download here

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A new season begins for underage GAA players when the wexford people Minor football kicks off Sunday 1st March and hurling on the 22nd. Starting with Minor football all fixtures will available to download as they are made

U-12 Go-Games 2015 Rules download U12 Rules doc 2015 

Click to download Wexford People Minor Football Fixtures

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Minor Fixtures 2015 Football REFS           EXCEL  file

Minor Football Premier               PDF file

Minor Football Roinn 1A             PDF file

Minor Football Roinn 1B            PDF file

Minor Football Roinn 2A           PDF file

Minor Football Roinn 2B          PDF file


Click to Download Wexford People  Minor Hurling Fixtures

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Minor Hurling Fixtures          EXCEL  File

Minor Hurling Premier Division       PDF File

Minor Hurling Roinn 1A                       PDF File

Minor Hurling Roinn 1B                       PDF File

Minor Hurling Roinn 2A                      PDF File

Minor Hurling Roinn 2B                      PDF File


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U-16 Football available to download 

U16 Football Fixtures 2015   EXCEL File

U16 Football Premier    PDF File

U16 Football Roinn 1A  PDF File

U16 Football Roinn 1B PDF File

U16 Football Roinn 2A 15 a side  PDF File

U16 Football Roinn 2B 13 a side  PDF File

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U-16 Hurling available to download

U16 Hurling Fixture 2015   EXCEL File

U-16 Hurling Premier A   PDF File

U-16 Hurling Premier B   PDF File

U-16 Hurling Roinn 1A  PDF File

U-16 Hurling Roinn 1B    PDF File

U-16 Hurling Roinn 2A 13 a side PDF File

U-16 Hurling Roinn 2B 15 a side  PDF File

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U-14 Football available to download shortly


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U-14 Hurling available to download shortly