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U-17 Tony Doran Hurling Development Squad Blitz Set for this Bank Holiday Monday

The stage is set for this years newly named U-17 Hurling Development Squad Blitz this Bank Holiday Monday 1st June in Paric Charman. This year 9 U-17 Development squads will take on each other in 2 divisions, as like last year Wexford will field two teams Wexford Purple and Wexford Gold. First of the games start at 10:30am with Wexford Gold taking on Dublin B and promises to be a great day of hurling

Division 1

Wexford Purple, Kilkenny, Dublin, Offaly, Cork, Limerick,  Tipperary, Waterford A Teams

Pitch 1 & 2 =Faythe Harriers Pitch,  Pitch 3=Sarsfields Pitch, Pitch 4= Volunteers pitch.

Pitch 1:     Wexford Purple  V  Waterford A     10:45am
Pitch 2:     Kilkenny A  V  Offaly A                      10:45 am
Pitch 1       Cork A  V  Limerick A                        11:15 am
Pitch 2       Dublin A  V  Tipperary                     11:15 am
Pitch 1        Wexford Purple  V  Kilkenny A     12:00 am
Pitch 2        Waterford A  V  Offaly A                 12:00 am
Pitch 3        Limerick A  V  Dublin A                  12:15 pm
Pitch 4        Cork A  V  Tipperary A                     12:15 pm
Pitch 3        Wexford Purple  V  Offaly A           1:00 pm
Pitch 4        Waterford A  V  Kilkenny A            1:00 pm
Pitch 1        Tippary A  V  Limerick A                 1:30 pm
Pitch 2        Dublin A  V  Cork A                           1:30 pm
Pitch 1        Shield Semi Final                               2:15 pm
Pitch 2        Shield Semi Final                              2:15 pm
Pitch 1         A Semi Final                                      3:00 pm
Pitch 2        A Semi Final                                       3:00 pm
Pitch 3       A Shield Final                                     3:15 pm
Pitch 1       A  FINAL                                              4:10 pm

Division 2

Kildare A, Wexford Gold and Dublin, Cork, Offaly B Teams

Pitch 1        Offaly B V  Kildare                           10:30 am
Pitch 2       Wexford Gold  V  Dublin B            10:30 am
Pitch 3       Offaly B  V  Dublin B                        11:30 am
Pitch 4       Wexford Gold  V  Cork B                 11:30 am
Pitch 1        Cork B  V  Dublin B                          12:45 pm
Pitch 2        Wexford Gold  V  Kildare B           12:45 pm
Pitch 3        Cork B  V  Kildare B                         1:45 pm
Pitch 4         Wexford Gold  V  Offaly B            1:45 pm
Pitch 3         Cork B  V  Offaly B                          2:30 pm
Pitch 4         Dublin B  V  Kildare                       2:30 pm
Pitch 4         B  FINAL                                            3:40 pm