Halo Tiles Wexford GAA Centre Of Excellence Ready For Féile




Wexford County Board Delegates and Club Officials were invited to view the extensive work that has been done in getting Halo Tiles Wexford GAA Centre Of Excellence ready for its public debut this weekend for the 2015 National Féile Peil na nÓg finals and for the grand opening on 25th July. 4 pitches will be used over this weekend,teams will take to the new pitches on Saturday starting with the Boys Div 4 shield Q/Fs at 3pm followed by Cup Q/Fs at 4.30pm and Girls Div 4 Shield & Cup Q/Fs at 3.45 and 5:15pm


Sunday will see Boys & Girls Semi Finals and Finals
Div1              1pm           Boys Shield & Cup S/Fs
3.30pm          Boys Shield & Cup FINALS
12.30pm          Girls Shield & Cup S/Fs
2.45pm          Girls Shield & Cup FINALS
Div 4      11.30am         Boys Shield & Cup S/Fs
2.45pm         Boys Shield & Cup FINALS
10.45am         Girls Shield & Cup S/Fs
2pm        Girls Shield & Cup FINALS
Div 10            2pm        Boys Shield & Cup FINALS
Please see your clubs Facebook page and website for Friday’s first round fixtures and the various venues for Saturday’s other Q/Fs venues, and see for live Féile Peil results over the weekend








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