A U-21 V Limerick 3

‘Tis better to have hurled and lost than never to have hurled at all.’

Thanks to the Boys of Wexford- U21 championship.

It is the end of the inter county year, is it the end of an era with 3 Leinster titles in a row or can the next group of player rise their game next year and continue the great record set since 2013? Only time will tell as we say thank you for the great memories over the last 3 years and like all great loves in your life it was never predictable.

‘Tis better to have hurled and lost than never to have hurled at all.’

Well we all love Wexford hurling and you have given full value on your watch. There were many years in the past when we could only dream of reaching an All Ireland final let alone handing out three defeats to The Cats along the way.
Thanks for the memories, the nerves, goosebumps, the sambos at the back of the car, smiling at everyone wearing our colours, being able to sing Ambrán na bhFiann at an All Ireland final when our team are playing, the class of the Leinster final victory over KK but most of all for the Samba hurling, a little bit of showboating, hurling with style, now that’s real Wexford.

So chin up Boys, you have done your county proud.

Photos from Steve Schokman St Annes GAA Club