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Model Academy Testing Week Review

Wexford Coaching and Games would like to thank all Parents, Players, Squads Mangers and Mentors for all your positive contributions to the success for our Model Academy testing week. Over the four days we tested over 200 athletes. The objective of the testing week was to assess the functional attributes including the mobility, stability and core strength by bringing players through four basic movement patterns. We then brought the players through a number of maximum physical tests including two speed tests, max jump test and an endurance fitness test. All players conducted themselves very well and enjoyed the experience of using the fitness equipment.

These result are now been analyzed where an intervention programme is been designed to  help players improve on all aspects of the tests completed last week. The following are the dates and times for the running of our functional programme. 

For all North based players:

Date: Wednesday 4th of November

Venue: Buffers Alley: 


  • 6.45 pm – 8.00pm  (under 15)
  • 8 pm – 9.10 pm  (under 16)

For all South based players:

Date: Thursday 5th of November

Venue: Horeswood Complex:  


  • 6.45 pm – 8.00pm   (under 15)
  • 8 pm – 9.10 pm  (under 16)

If you have any questions please don not hesitate to contact a member of the team on :