All Co. Leagues, new format for 2016

All County Hurling and Football League Regulations 2016


All County Leagues to follow the following format:

  • 2 groups of 6 to be divided geographically (where possible).
  • After the final round the top team in each group contest that divisional final.
  • The Final will be between the top team in each of the 2 groups in each division except maybe in bottom division where there mightn’t be 2 groups.
  • Bottom one in each group is relegated.
  • 2 finalists in each division will be promoted the following year.
  • Where two teams in 2nd place drew in their earlier round or where more than two teams finished level in 1stt or 2nd place, scoring difference will determine who qualifies.
  • If there was a walkover(s) in earlier rounds, all scores involving the team that gave the walkover will not be considered.
  • If two or more teams finish top of the group, the result of the game or scoring difference will determine who has home advantage. Venue for Finals to be arranged by the CCC.


Leagues -1st 15s – All clubs are asked to submit their first 15s and second 15s (if entering 3 teams) on or before Friday 12th February.


Changes to Fixture Regulations

  • Ø The holiday free period in June to be discontinued.
  • Ø The U21 hurling and football not to be confined to any particular night.
  • Ø No adult games either League or Championship to be played on St Patricks Day.


Championship Grading 2016

The regrading of players at beginning of year be replaced by following – the status of a player is decided once they appear in first or subsequent rounds of either league or knockout stages of championship.

NB: No player can re-grade more than one grade. If a player played on the club’s first team in 2015, they cannot play on the third team in 2016