Club of the year 2016 WEB

Details of Coiste na nÓg 2016 Club of the Year marking structure


Teams reaching County Semi Final and Finals 

Winners of Competition         3 points

Beaten Finalists                       2 points

Beaten Semi Finalists              1 point each 

All competitions to be treated equally irrespective of Grade or team size, winning a Division 3 Final would mean as much to some clubs as winning a Division 1 final would be to others.

 Attendance at Co Board meetings

 1 point for attending.

 Deducted 1 point for non – attendance.

The reasoning behind this is to encourage clubs to attend County Board meetings throughout the year.


This is an area in which greater focus needs to be put as as an organisation we are far too tolerant so we should start early and put the responsibility on clubs for players, mentors and supporters discipline.

 Would it be fair that club who are successful on the playing field receiving a Club of the Year award and yet have a poor Discipline record

 Category 1 Infraction

 Deduction of 1 point

 Category 2 Infraction ( Football Only )

 Deduction of 1 point

 Category 3 Infraction

 Deduction of 2 points

 Category 4 Infraction

Deduction of 3 points

 Category 5 or higher Infraction

 Deduction of 4 Points

 In any instance where Disciplinary Action is imposed on a  club for whatever reason (e.g. fine ) ( This would be in addition to any other point deductions )

 Deduction of 4 points

 Breach of Discipline by Team mentors, supporters etc

 Deduction of 4 points.