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Statement By Wexford GAA Regarding article In Irish Independent


1 November 2017


Statement by Wexford GAA regarding article in

The Irish Independent

Wexford GAA is extremely disappointed with the inaccurate and misleading article in the Irish Independent newspaper on 31 October regarding the promotion of Gaelic football within the county.
It is particularly disappointing that Matty Forde, a member of the 2017 minor football management and a legend of the game, had such negative comments incorrectly attributed to him. Matty clarified yesterday via Twitter, and directly to Wexford GAA officials, that he did not make most of the statements in the article and he has further said that the article does not reflect his opinion regarding Wexford GAA’s attitude to the promotion of Gaelic football.
It is particularly disappointing that the article was penned by a local journalist who, were he to follow journalistic norms of research and enquiry, should know that equal time and resources are spent by Wexford GAA on the promotion of both football and hurling at club and county level. In 2017, almost €400,000 has been spent on the preparation of our senior football team which is similar to the figure spent on the hurling team. As a proud dual county, Wexford GAA has an equal funding policy for all underage teams from under 14 upwards.
Wexford GAA has acknowledged at a county board meeting earlier this year that the management of dual players at minor level was sub-optimal in 2017 and has committed to ensuring no repetition of this. Since February 2017, our Football Advisory Committee has been working on the development of a five year plan for Gaelic football which will be the first-ever Gaelic football specific development plan for our county. This will be presented at a “Forum on Football” on 22 November and the finalised plan will be launched at county convention in December.