John Mullane, Brian Hogan and Michael Rice Coaching workshop in Buffers Alley

Overview of today’s workshop: Simplicity without over complication.


Coaches need to keep it simple & replicate match situations through games, drills & visualisation through theses drills.

-Every player must know their job clearly from the coach, coaches can’t just assume a player knows his role.

– First touch, clean long striking on left & right, basic skills will ALWAYS be the most important aspects in hurling.

– Backs; marking tight, covering for each other, having confidence to attack the ball with aggression

– Use the ball well, give in a good ball

– Midfield : support and link man for both backs & forwards.

– Team chain : midfielders must cover & help backs but forwards must then cover midfielders. Everyone must do their job for the team.

– Breaking ball is key, HUGE hunger, timing & understanding to get there : must supply good ball into the forwards and act as a support runner with timed runs. Forwards ability to play in different places

– Constant movement

– Must unsettle backs

– Runners coming through and support play off the ball is crucial.

– Never give up and keep doing basic things well, especially when things are going against you.

– A good team always have people willing to lead and cover for each other.

– Preparation and Knowing that you have done the work relaxes a player

Willie Cleary: Hurling Development Officer