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Friday 15 with Conor Carty

Name: Conor Carty
Age: 29
Club: Castletown

1. Who was your Football hero growing up?
Ciaran McDonald. I remember being at the 2000/01 All Ireland Club Final, he was outstanding that day.

2. What is your most memorable sporting moment as a player or supporter?
2008 Wexford vs. Meath in Leinster Football Championship. Wexford were 10 points down at Half Time, it was an incredible comeback.

3. What athlete do you admire in another sport outside the GAA and why?
Tom Brady: His attitude, work ethic, career longevity and ability to make clutch plays.
Ryan Fitzpatrick: His beard.

4. What are the basic skills that young players should focus on?
Practice playing with both feet and both hands.

5. Best advice for young Football players?
Keep showing up with a good attitude. Be willing to learn. Practice in your own time (ball & wall).

6. What advice would you give to parents of young Football players?
Make sure they’re enjoying it. Bring them to watch games. Make sure there’s some perspective also: education, family etc. comes first.

7. Tell us about your senior debut for Wexford?
2010 O’Byrne Cup vs. Dublin in Parnell Park. I had a bloody nose after 2 minutes, a nice introduction to senior inter county football.

8. What is your most memorable game for your club?
2012 Senior Football Quarter Final vs. Kilanerin. Castletown won after extra time.

9. How do you balance your GAA and Work/Study commitments?
I try to train as efficiently as possible, short sharp gym/practice sessions. Clear communication with managers is important particularly around exam time.

10. What is the most prized jersey in your collection?
2011 Under 21 Leinster Final winning jersey.

11. What is the first Wexford Championship match you remember attending?
The 2003 All Ireland Hurling Semi Final against Cork. Croke Park erupted when Rory McCarthy scored the injury time goal sending it to a replay.

12. Who is the biggest influence on your career and why?
My family – We’re passionate about football. My uncle Michael has always been looked upto for his feats on the football field. Seamus Holmes brought Donnacha and I to games all over the place when we were younger, a lot of Dublin club championship games.
Colm Morris – Seeing him captain Wexford in 2008 was inspiring. He helped me a lot when I started out with Wexford and Castletown. He even gave me a loan of his boots for a game when he was our u21 club manager. I was around 15, it was a tight squeeze.

13. Who is your unsung hero in the GAA?
Underage club coaches and club committee members.

14. What Sports Documentary would you recommend watching?
A Football Life – Tom Brady (The Brady 6)
A Football Life – Sam Mills
Both are on YouTube so easy to check out.

15. When preparing for a game, what is your healthy breakfast choice?
I like to keep it light, I typically go for a smoothie with oats & berries. And coffee of course.