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Friday 15 with Eoghan Nolan

Name: Eoghan Nolan
Age: 25
Club: Shelmaliers
Primary School: Curracloe NS

1. Who was your Football hero growing up?

I had a few in particular, Brian Malone was always somebody I looked up to as a role model in both club and county. Matty Forde is without doubt up there, he’s one of the greatest Wexford has ever seen. Outside of Wexford it had to of be Colm “the Gooch” Cooper, his skill and ability with a football was fascinating.

2. What is your most memorable sporting moment as a player or supporter?
My most memorable moment playing in a Wexford jersey would be beating Down in the 2015 qualifiers, I don’t think anybody had given us a chance that day. As a supporter it would have to be the 2008 All-Ireland semi-final when Ciaran Lyng rattled the Tyrone net, an iconic moment for Wexford football.

3. What athlete do you admire in another sport outside the GAA and why?
Usain Bolt, he’s since retired but he was cool, calm and collected. He was an entertainer and a different level of elite.

4. What are the basic skills that young players should focus on?
Playing off both sides is the best skill any player can have, it makes you twice as hard to mark.

5. Best advice for young Football players?
You can always improve as a player so always do extra practice. Having a good attitude and being willing to learn is key, it will help develop you as a player. 

6. What advice would you give to parents of young Football players?
It’s the child’s career not the parents. Help, support and encourage them with their choices along the way.

7. Tell us about your senior debut for Wexford?
I made my debut in the 2014 Leinster Semi-Final against Dublin in Croke Park. I had only been called into the panel at the end of the National League so I wasn’t expecting to see any game time at all. Aidan O’Brien who was manager at the time called me down to warm up, said a few words to me and told me to enjoy it. The first ball I got I tried to take on Jack McCaffrey who I was marking but turned back fairly quickly when I realised, I hadn’t got the pace for him. A very memorable debut.

8. What is your most memorable game for your club?
Winning the club Senior Hurling title in 2014 and the Senior Football in 2018 are up there with the most memorable but at the top of them all it would have to be the Junior B football county final against Horeswood in 2012. I togged out midfield with my father which was something special, unfortunately he only lasted 15 minutes as the calves went on him at the age of 52. Horeswood went on to beat us with an injury time penalty.

9. How do you balance your GAA and Work/Study commitments?
Planning for the week ahead is essential. Being based in Dublin currently adds to it with travel but communication with managers is important throughout the week. Planning meals in advance for the journeys is a big part of the week to make sure I’m fuelled up for training and matches. Recovery and being able to switch off from it all are as important.

10. What is the most prized jersey in your collection?
I have a collection of jerseys from every team I’ve played with over the years. All Wexford’s home and away jerseys which we’ve played in, UCD, St Peters College, Ulster San Francisco and St Christopher’s Boston. I think they’re all up there for different reasons and will be nice to look back on when I’ve finished playing. The Wexford 1916 commemoration jersey we wore for Wexford’s 4 in a row is one of the nicest I think.  Surprisingly a Shelmaliers jersey is the only one I don’t have.

11. What is the first Wexford Championship match you remember attending?
I can’t name one in particular the great Gerry Forde brought me to so many matches as a young lad in Wexford Park they all seem to roll into one. I spent most of my time chasing hurling balls and footballs going over the net at the town end.

12. Who is the biggest influence on your career and why?
It would have to be my parents throughout my entire career. Both have supported me whenever needed, driving the length and breadth of the country. My father and grandfather both represented Wexford in football so it was always something I wanted to do from when I could first kick a ball.

13. Who is your unsung hero in the GAA?
To me its anybody who gives up their spare time in the GAA whether it be the underage coaches, supporters or the people who even make the soup and sandwiches after club training. The people behind the scenes is what makes it all the more enjoyable for the players. I’d also have to throw a shout out to Dan Brosnan (Wexford Senior Football Kitman).

14. What book would you recommend reading?
As a die-hard Newcastle United fan watching ‘Sunderland til I die’ on Netflix and their journey of getting relegated from the Championship is one of most enjoyable sporting documentaries I’ve watched and would recommend to all who would like a good laugh.

15. When preparing for a game, what is your healthy breakfast choice?
I’ve changed this up over the years trying to find out what works best for me. Currently overnight oats with mixed berries, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup hits the spot. Coffee is a must also.