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Taking Time For You! How to live, feel and look better with McCauley Pharmacy

Taking Time For You! How to live, feel and look better with McCauley Pharmacy.

Want to live a healthier lifestyle? Join our virtual event with our leading health & wellness experts.

Time after time we promise ourselves that tomorrow we will start! Start to live healthier, start to be feel more positive, start to look after ourselves, start our self-care journey!

And while we set out to start our new ‘lifestyle’ with the best intentions, we know all too well that sometimes life just gets in the way, from parenting and home life to work life and responsibilities its easy to slip into our old routines.

Join us at our Taking Time For You Event where we will be joined by healthcare and wellness expert Emily Kelly and nutritional and lifestyle coach and influencer, Nichola Flood AKA The Queen of Health, who will share their own self-care routines and experiences as well as top tips and advice we need to start and maintain our own self-care routines.

We will also be looking at the key nutrients and supplements we need to support of bodies through all of life’s stages for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Now is the time to establish healthy habits and stick to them.

The event will be be broadcasted on Wexford GAA platforms via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram on Thursday 27th May at 8pm.


To put your questions to our 2 experts, log on to Wexford GAA Instagram Story.