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Wexford GAA Bulletin

Bulletin following Management Committee Meeting on 25 January 2022.

League & Championship Proposals 2022

Coiste Bainistí discussed additional correspondence received from Faythe Harriers in respect of their proposal for a return to a championship structure with two groups of 6. While it was recognised that the Two 6s structure was very successful in the past, given the new club-county split season, it was unanimously agreed that there are a number of conditions that would need to be agreed in order for this structure to be feasible and fair:

  • Midweek games would be pre-planned within the calendar to bring the championships back to 14 weeks so as to allow a spare weekend for unforeseen circumstances impacting fixtures and for replays in county finals.
    • Midweek games may require teams playing three games in an 8-day period or five games in a 15-day period depending on the calendar.
    • Midweek games would need to be played Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings so as to avoid clashes with second and third teams.
    • Midweek games will have a knock-on impact on underage, district, Camogie and LGFA games during the week in respect of venues, referees, officials, volunteers, etc.
  • A split season calendar would not be fair on either code in the event of Two 6s being the preferred structure.
  • Clubs will need to commit to provide their grounds for championship games in priority to any other games or training.
  • Each club will need to provide a competent person to volunteer to act as stewards and gate people at club games and will need to attend training courses to do so.
  • Each club will need to supply a person to the referees panel before the end of March 2022.
  • Requests from clubs in respect of a preferred date or time for games will not be acceded to.
  • It will not be possible to arrange games so as not to coincide with All Ireland Hurling or Football finals nor to coincide with our Camogie or LGFA teams should they progress in their respective championships.

If it is agreed at County Committee on 1 February 2022 that Two 6s is to be the championship format for 2022, Coiste Bainistí will put a proposal to the meeting that qualification for the knockout stages work as follows:

  • 1st Placed Team in each group -> Semi Final
  • 2nd & 3rd Placed Teams in each group -> Quarter Finals
  • 4th Placed Team is out of championship and safe from relegation
  • 5th & 6th Placed Teams -> Relegation Semi Finals

The purpose of this proposal is to ensure that the final games in the league stage are competitive and meaningful and to prevent any suggestions of impropriety in respect of results at this stage of the competition.

Clubs have been asked to submit their views via Microsoft Forms, the deadline for which is Sunday, 30 January. The results of this will be used as a steer on how best to conduct the County Committee on 1 February 2022 to make the final decision in respect competition structures for 2022. The County Committee meeting on 1 February 2022 will take place in person and will agree the preferred format and calendar for 2022. Coiste Bainistí agreed, that in light of the time available to us to play club championships, the proposal of the Fixture Review Committee for four groups of three was the preferred option.

Club & County Draw

Andrew Nolan, Cisteoir CLG Loch Garman, outlined a number of considerations in respect of ticket prices and prizes for the Club and County Draw for 2022. Tickets for the 2022 Club & County Draw will be distributed to clubs in March with the draws to take place at the end of April and May. Ticket prices and prizes will be discussed at the upcoming County Committee meeting.

Chadwicks Wexford Park Upgrade

Coiste Bainistí agreed to proceed with the pitch works as previously set out and based on advice received:

  • Install automatic irrigation system
  • Continued overseeding during growing seeding and ongoing pitch maintenance
  • Recruitment of Head Grounds Person and Facilities Manager

This option will see the pitch being out of use for 6-8 weeks during May and June. Work continues on finalising design, tenders and securing funding for the proposed upgrade works. If the necessary funding is not secured, the upgrade plans will be reviewed.

Halo Tiles Wexford GAA Centre of Excellence

Consultation is ongoing with stakeholders in respect of the planned further developments in Halo Tiles COE. It is planned to resubmit planning permission for these developments in February.

Upcoming Dates

30 January 2022                Deadline for submission of online survey in respect of proposals

1 February 2022                 County Board Meeting (in person)

4 February 2022                Transfer Request Deadline