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Wexford GAA Bulletin

Bulletin following County Committee Meeting on 22 February 2022.

Club & County Draw 2022

Bulletin following County Committee Meeting on 1 February 2022.Following feedback from clubs at the previous County Committee Meeting, it was confirmed that the ticket price would remain at €50 and that there would be a car as first prize for each of the three draws, which will take place at the end of April and May. Tickets will be circulated to clubs from 14 March 2022. A marketing plan is currently under development to advertise and promote the draw to the benefit of both club and county.

Competition Structures 2022: U19 / U20

In 2022, an U19 competition will be organised on the basis of divisions of eight teams, split into groups of four teams. Each team in a group will play each of the other teams with the top two teams in each group playing in the U19 Semi Finals.

Competition Regulations 2022

The proposed Competition Regulations for 2022 were approved. It was also noted that a Special Convention would be held following the next County Committee meeting in order to ratify the change needed to CLG Loch Garman Bye-Laws for the change to the U18 grading exception passed at the last County Committee meeting.

Motions for Congress

A discussion was held in respect of motions for Congress with the following were among those being supported by delegates:

  • Motion 1: All-Ireland Senior Football Championships – “Green Proposal”
  • Motion 2: Replace Minor and U20 Inter-County competitions with an U19 competition for 2023-5
  • Motion 24: Change to transfer rules allow a transfer to be granted to protect a child from harm and comply with child safeguarding commitments
  • Motion 33: Motion to advance the integration of Camogie and LGFA to the GAA
  • Motion 45: Designation of a 16-week window for club championships in rule

It was agreed that Wexford should not support Motion 34 which, if approved, requires a player who wishes to participate in an adult Championship game to have completed courses on Alcohol, Gambling and Substance Abuse and Anti-doping Education or face a one match suspension. The decision not to support this motion was based on the penalty for non-compliance.

Delegates unanimously felt that substance abuse and gambling were issues across their clubs and Wexford GAA should try to assist in education on these issues. It was also noted that Shelmalier GAA Club are hosting a Drugs Awareness Night on Friday, 8 March 2022 at 8pm in Hotel Curracloe. With guest speakers including John Leahy (Tipperary), the purpose of this event is to raise awareness of the dangers associated with the misuse of drugs among young people.

This topic will be revisited at the next County Committee Meeting – clubs were asked to suggest ideas on this and related topics for Wexford GAA Wellness Month in May at the next meeting.

In respect of the remainder of the motions for Congress, it was agreed that Wexford GAA’s delegates to Congress should consider the debate on Saturday and any proposed amendments and vote in the interest of Wexford GAA.


Denis Cadogan, Chairperson Referees’ Administration Committee, provided an update on refereeing in the County and initiatives currently in progress to recruit, retain and upskill referees.

There are currently 52 active referees for both codes, 8 active referees for hurling only and 11 new recruits.

Existing referees are currently undertaking online in-service training on refereeing. They will complete their annual rules and fitness test in due course. In respect of the fitness test, Ray Harris, Games Development Manager, is currently working with the Referees’ Administration Committee to devise a fitness test that better tests the type of fitness needed for refereeing and to provide support to referees who wish to improve their fitness levels.

A “buddy system” is being put in place for the new recruits so as to provide them with support and to try to retain these new referees.

The majority of new referees who give up within the first year of refereeing do so because of abuse from side-lines – both from team officials and supporters. In order for this to change, clubs need show respect for referees and to take responsibility for the actions and words of their own club members.

In addition, team managers at all levels (adult and underage) will be required to wear a distinctive bib so as they can be easily identified by the referee. Referees have been requested to report all incidents and abuse from team officials and supporters as part of their report, in addition to any non-compliance with the wearing of bibs as set out in competition regulations.

The same issues in respect of the recruitment, retention and upskilling of referees exist in both Camogie and LGFA in addition to the GAA. The Referees’ Administration Committee is looking to collaborate with Camogie and LGFA on the recruitment of new referees to the benefit of all three associations.

The penalty to clubs who do not provide a referee was explained in detail.

Upcoming Dates

27 February 2022             Submission of First, Second and Third 15s

1 March 2022                     Isolated Player Applications deadline (except U19)

14 March 2022                  U19 Competition Applications

27 March 2022                  U19 Isolated Player Applications deadline

2 April 2022                        Night with Anthony Kearns & Friends

5 April 2022                        County Committee Meeting followed by Special Convention