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Wexford GAA Bullettin

Bulletin following County Committee Meeting on 1 February 2022.

Competition Structures 2022


Senior -> Junior A Championships for hurling and football will be structured on a similar basis as 2019 with two groups of six teams. Each team in a group will play each other with the top four teams in each group going to the Quarter Finals. The 5th Placed Team in each group will exit the championship and the 6th Placed Team in each group will play in the Relegation Final. There will be pre-planned mid-week games in order to play off this format in the window available as set out in last week’s bulletin.


The championship calendar will be organised on the basis of a split season with hurling championship to commence first.


Adult leagues will be organised with five divisions split into groups of six teams and organised so as teams play teams that are not in their group in the championship. There will be no promotion nor relegation. The top team in each group will compete in a league final.

Junior B

The Junior B Championship will be organised on a league-championships basis by each District to suit their numbers and provide a full programme of games for players. Grading for the league part of championship will be based on the First ‘15’ Rule. The knockout part of District championships will commence on a date set by the CCC being on or after the weekend of Round 2 of the Senior -> Junior A Championships. Grading for knockout will be based the normal Grading Rule.

U19 / U20

It was agreed to defer a decision on an U19 or U20 competition until the next meeting of County Committee to allow clubs to consider the impact on this age group of the decisions made tonight in respect of adult competitions.

The CCC will now meet to plan the calendar for 2022 and further details will be circulated to clubs in due course.


Members of the sub-committees for 2022 were ratified. Full details of committee will be circulated separately.

Kilanerin / Tara Rocks Arrangement

It was passed at the meeting that the existing arrangement between Kilanerin and Tara Rocks would be extended for the 2022 season.

Upcoming Dates
4 February 2022        Transfer Request Deadline
22 February 2022      County Board Meeting to discuss proposals for Congress