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Wexford GAA Bulletin

Bulletin following County Committee Meeting on 17 May 2022.

Strategic Plan Update – Coaching & Player Development

Micheál Martin, Cathaoirleach CLG Loch Garman, provided an update on progress against the targets set out in the Strategic Plan in respect of Coaching & Player Development, and launched three new programmes which have been developed in recent months:

  • Integrated Athletic Development Programme
  • Hurling High Performance Plan
  • Review of Gaelic Football in Wexford

The strategic goal is to improve participation and performance across all age grades and levels of our games. The following sets out the actions set out in the strategic plan and progress to date.

Catering for all our players Review of underage activities and develop a Wexford specific games programme which puts player development and the skill of the game at its core. The Coaching Committee completed a review of underage activities in 2021. Due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the proposals in respect of a Wexford specific games programme were deferred and will be now brought forward for 2023 in Q4-22.
Catering for all our players Create and publish a skill development pathway for coaches and children. Completed – The Wexford Way was launched in Q1-21
Coach Education Delivery of club-based formal coach education and informal coaching workshops on a continual basis. Ongoing – to date in 2022, 480 coaches have completed Foundation and 30 coaches have completed Award 1. A program of coaching workshops will be launched in Jun-22. It was noted that the take up for Gaelic football courses is very low.
GPO Scheme Expand GPO scheme to cater for 75% of clubs in Wexford by 2023. Currently, 27 clubs are catered for under the existing scheme with recruitment in progress for two additional GPOs to cater for 4 more clubs.
Nursery Program Implement best practice nursery program in all clubs in the county by 2023. There are currently 39 clubs with an active nursery program
Catering for all our best players Develop and implement a Wexford Way High-Performance Plan A High-Performance Plan has been developed by the High Performance and Sports Science Committee. This plan has been launched to County Committee, implementation of which is planned to commence in Q3-22.
Athletic Development Develop and implement an athletic development program for youth players in Wexford An Integrated Athletic Development Program has been developed by the High Performance and Sports Science Committee. This plan has been launched to County Committee, recruitment for which is due to commence shortly with implementation to commence thereafter.


U13 (2)

While the Integrated Athletic Development Programme and the High-Performance Plan for Hurling have now been formally launched, elements of these programmes such as the Next Generation Program are already in progress.

Integrated Athletic Development Programme

Vision: To implement a coherent approach towards the area of strength and conditioning in Wexford for youth footballers and hurlers.

Mission: To work with clubs and post primary schools to develop the physical literacy skills of adolescents in Wexford.  


  • Recruitment of person with responsibility for Athletic Development Coordination 
  • Weekly S&C coaching sessions for all players involved.
  • Bi-annual profiling & screening for long term athletic development will be performed in eight post primary schools.
  • A Strength and Conditioning Coach provided to schools participating in Senior Colleges A and B competitions (six schools). 
  • Assistance and advice to schools for the upgrade of their gym facilities.
  • Provision of an Athletic Development certificate course for five post primary school teachers / club coaches per annum.


Wexford GAA have committed to investing €385,000 to this program over the next five years to cover staff costs, equipment, training, school support and screening costs. It is intended to seek sponsorship for this programme given the significant benefits associated with supporting the physical and social well-being of a large group of adolescents.

High-Performance Plan for Hurling

Vision: To develop MODEL players, coaches and teams to consistently achieve success at the highest level.

Mission: To create a high-performance environment where sustained success can be achieved, alongside a progressive approach to player and coach development and participation.


  • To create a High-Performance model and push the boundaries of what is possible.
  • To foster a holistic Player Pathway for our young players based on development opportunities and synergy between stakeholders.
  • To create a Coaching Pathway that mirrors the Player Pathway and caters for both the novice and elite coach.
  • To make the people of Wexford, and fans of Wexford, proud of their players and their teams.
  • To at all times remain true to the ethos and values of the GAA.


The existing structure of our Games Manager, Ray Harris, together with our GDAs and GPOs will continue to have their present responsibilities in respect of participation and the Model Academy.

Declan Browne has been appointed as Director of Athletic Performance. Declan is the Programme Director for the MSc Strength & Conditioning in South East Technological University. Through our partnership with SETU, Declan’s responsibilities within his current role have been changed to include his responsibilities as Director of Athletic Development within our High-Performance Plan for Hurling.

It is planned to recruit an Athletic Development Coach, reporting to Declan, and a Coach & Player Development Manager (Director of Hurling) in the coming months to commence the implementation of the High-Performance Plan for Hurling in Q3-22.

One of the core principles of the Plan is to headhunt cutting edge staff to oversee the programme. The role of High-Performance Director will be filled when the right person has been identified and is available to join the team.


The High-Performance Plan for Hurling is expected to cost €960,000 over the next five years. A number of private investors have come forward to support this plan for the good of hurling in Wexford. Wexford GAA have committed to matching Private Investor funds on the basis of at least 50c for every €1 invested.

Review of Gaelic Football

Philip Wallace has agreed to lead a review of Gaelic Football in Wexford. This review will:

  • Include a review of club activity;
  • Link with the review of underage games programme with a specific remit to review underage grading of football;
  • Liaise with schools to review participation and performance;
  • Include meetings with football management and personnel from U14 to U20;
  • Review dual player policy from a football development perspective; and
  • Explore funding opportunities for football on the same basis as our hurling plan.

The recommendations from this review are to be brought back to County Committee in Q3-22.

Strategic Plan Update – Infrastructure

St Patrick’s Park

Pitch maintenance works including re-sodding goal mouths, verti-draining, sanding and overseeding have been completed. Work commenced this week on the upgrade of spectator areas and are due to be completed in June.

Chadwicks Wexford Park

Initial pitch maintenance works including re-seeding goal mouths, verti-draining, sanding and overseeding was completed last week prior to commencement of the installation of the new irrigation system. Works to lay out and install the pipework necessary on the pitch will commence this week. It is expected that the pitch will be ready to re-open in mid-July, to host club championship games.

Upcoming Inter-County Games

Our Senior Hurlers play Kilkenny on Saturday, 21 May 2022 at 6:00pm in UPMC Nowlan Park in the last round of the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship. Ticket sales have been strong, and a good crowd is expected at the game.

On Sunday, our Senior Footballers face Offaly at 2:00pm in Bellefield in the Preliminary Round of the Tailteann Cup. The CCC have changed EBS Mortgages Wexford All County Football League fixtures so as not to clash with the game.

Finally, our Minor Footballers play Laois in MW Hire O’Moore Park on Thursday, 19 May 2022 in the Seamus Heaney Cup Semi Final at 7:30pm.

Cairde Loch Garman Race Day

It is planned to hold the Cairde Loch Garman Race Day on 1 July 2022 in Wexford Racecourse. In addition to the Corporate Event (similar to the one held at the Cairde Loch Garman Race Day in 2019), there will be general admission tickets to the race meeting at €10 per ticket as a Wexford GAA summer social event. It was agreed by delegates that clubs will support this fundraiser and sell a minimum of 20 tickets each and to endeavour to keep this date free of club fixtures.

Upcoming Dates

1 July 2022                           Wexford GAA Race Day in Wexford Racecourse

11/12 August 2022          Cairde Loch Garman Golf Classic in Bunclody Golf Club

23 August 2022                 County Committee Meeting