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Wexford GAA Bulletin

Bulletin following Coiste Contae meeting held on 20 September 2022.

Club Championship Review Structure

All clubs were asked to review and discuss the 2022 Club Championship with a view to submitting proposals for the format and structure of the 2023 Club Championships. County Committee delegates were asked to lead the review within their club and to ensure that engagement with players was central to the final decision.

Delegates agreed that the matters that should be considered by clubs for the adult club championships are:

  • Championship structure for Senior to Junior A grades (Two 6s, Four 3s, Three 4s)
  • Increase or decrease the number of clubs at each grade in both or either code
  • Championship calendar
    • split season and whether hurling or football should be played first
    • alternating blocks of hurling and football
    • alternate weeks
  • Extend our club window past what is allowed by Leinster and potentially not have representatives in some or all of the Leinster club championships
  • The grading system for players in Junior B competitions

All proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by Friday, 28 October 2022. Proposals will be reviewed and the executive will engage with clubs to merge proposals that are similar. They will be then distributed to clubs for discussion with final decision to be made at the County Committee meeting on Tuesday, 22 November 2022.

It is expected that proposals will be brought to Congress next February in respect of underage grades for both club and county. It is proposed to discuss bringing a motion to our County Convention that would enable Wexford to return minor to U18 at club level in 2023 while maintaining decoupling between the adult and minor championships should changes at Congress allow. There is a difficulty that may arise from an organisational perspective in respect of grading and fixtures for 2023 that will also need to be considered in making this decision.

Inter County Teams

The following management teams were ratified:

  • Senior Football: John Hegarty (Manager) with his backroom team to be confirmed in the coming days.
  • Minor Football: Dylan Gregan (Manager), Paul McMahon, Ben Brosnan, Gary Lynch, Keenan Fitzpatrick with one more coach to be added.

U20 Football will be confirmed following finalisation of the Senior Football backroom team.

Following review, Darragh Egan (Senior Hurling), Keith Rossiter (U20 Hurling) and Michael Jacob (Minor Hurling) were returned for the second year of their terms.

Hurling Advisory Subcommittee

The following were appointed to the Hurling Advisory Subcommittee to oversee the Hurling High Performance Plan: Adrian Fenlon (chairperson), Liam Griffin, Anthony Neville, David O’Connor and Johnny Dempsey with Niall Williams (Coach & Player Development Manager) in a non-voting capacity.

Review of Gaelic Football in Wexford

Under the auspices of Philip Wallace, the root and branch review of Gaelic Football in the county is continuing. As part of this review, a survey has been sent to Clubs. Clubs are reminded to complete this survey at their next Executive Meeting and to respond honestly to the questions asked.

Finance Update

An update on finance for the 10 months to 31 July 2022 was presented to delegates. A surplus is expected for this financial year which will be required to finance capital spend on Chadwicks Wexford Park and Halo Tiles COE in 2022 and 2023.

Upcoming Dates

25 October 2022 County Committee Meeting
22 November 2022 County Committee Meeting
12 December 2022 County Convention