The Wexford GAA Supporters club, is about one thing, bringing Wexford to top table in adult and underage Hurling, Football, Camogie and Ladies Football. It is supporters getting involved; volunteering their time, money, energies and enthusiasm to drive Wexford forward. Adult membership costs just €20 per annum, family membership is just €40, join online today!

The Wexford GAA Supporters is a way for all Wexford people to get involved and make a difference, to help shape the destiny of our games in the county, to put your ideas and resources at the disposal of Gaelic Games in Wexford.

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  • 2 weeks holiday in Croatia
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Why join the Wexford Supporters club?

Do you cherish memories of All Ireland wins in ’68 and ‘96 or the majesty of the Rackards in full flight in the 1950’s or the glory of our three in row Camogie champions?

If you, like us believe Wexford and its people are a place apart, a place to be proud of then one way to show your pride is by joining the supporters club. We believe that Gaelic Games are an integral part of our identify and are determined to cherish and develop this aspect our culture, ensuring that the Purple and Gold and Wexford remain indelibly linked. We believe that together we are stronger and that through our combined efforts and passion we will bring Wexford to the top and keep it there.

We have a real ambition for Wexford, second best was not good enough for the likes of Rackard, Doran, Forde, Jacob and it’s not good enough for us either. With energy, drive, innovation and your help we will succeed.

Be a part of a better more successful future and ensure that when you your Wexford heroes next climb the steps of the Hoganstand that you will have played your part. With your support, we can pass on this legacy, this tradition, to next generation.

What we do:

The Wexford GAA Supporters Club have over the past 20 years organised many fund raising events including draws, golf classics, race days and award nights. The club has been instrumental over this period in the preparation of our senior and underage intercounty teams in hurling, football, camogie and ladies football.


You can join right now by going online  above or by downloading the Membership Form here and returning to us. By doing so you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a worthwhile contribution to a brighter future. You will also be entered in our annual members draw and be in line to win some great prizes, see below.


Individual: €20 per person
Family membership: €40 for 2 adults and 2 children under 18yrs
Membership Draw: